LSQ Teaching and Learning Philosophy

LSQ, as a Lebanese School serving the Lebanese community in Qatar, is guided by a clear vision and mission that reflect our core beliefs. These beliefs are not just words but principles that are actively communicated and practiced. We strive to instill patriotism in our students while allowing them to engage in global events. Our ultimate goal is to equip LSQ graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their studies, careers, and adult lives. We understand that our students go through a journey of growth and maturity at LSQ, transitioning from dependence to interdependence. 

At LSQ, we embrace a brain-friendly approach to teaching and learning. Our practices are rooted in the principles of brain-friendly teaching, supported by the latest research. Studies have shown that the brain retains information more effectively when the learning experience is meaningful, relevant, and exciting. Additionally, the brain craves novelty and challenge. Therefore, we design our teaching and learning experiences to align with these principles, ensuring compatibility with how the brain naturally functions. Our highly trained teachers plan their lessons accordingly, maximizing students’ achievements and facilitating their learning process. 

We firmly believe that cooperation, collaboration, and communication are vital 21st-century skills that pave the way for successful careers. To cultivate these skills, we provide carefully designed learning experiences where students work together, coach one another, and engage in learning within a supportive, non-competitive environment. Recognizing the uniqueness and potential of each student, we offer differentiated instruction tailored to individual needs. Moreover, we encourage students to take ownership of their learning, as we believe they are most motivated when they have autonomy in choosing what and how they learn. 

Our school life encompasses a rich array of curricular and extracurricular activities. These activities are designed to enrich students’ learning experiences, develop essential life skills, and foster connections among individuals with similar interests. Additionally, engaging and enjoyable activities provide opportunities for students to build self-confidence and enhance their self-esteem. We understand that students actively participating in various activities and clubs within the school environment tend to be more successful learners and achievers. 

In line with our commitment to nurturing leadership skills, LSQ offers students a range of opportunities to develop and showcase their leadership abilities. Furthermore, we harness the power of technology to facilitate communication, provide student support, enable self-paced learning, and conduct assessments. Creating a safe environment where stress is seen as a facilitator rather than a hindrance and where the atmosphere is nurturing yet challenging and motivating is an integral part of our educational approach. 

Lastly, we firmly believe that a strong school-parent partnership is essential to a child’s success. We continuously seek ways to strengthen our connections with parents, aiming to enhance their experiences and those of their children within the school community. 

At LSQ, we provide a holistic and empowering educational experience that prepares our students for a bright and successful future. Together, as a unified school community, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of our students.