Instructional Specialist’s Message

Dear All,

My name is Nisrine Bleik, and I am sincerely honored to become a member of the Lebanese School Senior Management Team.

I am a passionate educator, a leader, and a teacher trainer with 18+ years of experience in the education field. My passion in understanding brain science and its implications on students’ learning, guides me in successfully leading professionals in their teaching journey. I relentlessly inspire teachers, and I am skillful at supporting educators in developing their teaching skills and in reaching their full potential. Through my close work relationships with educators, students, and parents, I’ve developed an in depth understanding of the needs of different stakeholders especially children who are growing and developing in such a complex world. I am, also, keen on developing teachers’ capacity to equip students with values and social skills which are crucial to build a generation of individuals who can think critically, solve problems creatively, and communicate effectively.

I have joined LSQ as an Instructional Specialist, a position that defines me very well. I look forward to working with you all and I wish everyone a successful and a productive year.

Mrs Nisrine Bleik
Instructional Specialist