1. Will the school calendar be affected?

We will only make adjustments to the beginning of the school year by adding 3 days:
September 1, 2, and 3 to be orientation days for students.

2. How will thestudents’ schedulelook like?

Students will be divided into two groups: Group A and Group B. Their schedule will look like this:

Orientation Days in School
Tuesday, September 1Wednesday, September 2Thursday, September 3
7:30 – 12:30
Cycle 1 Group A
Cycle 2 Group A
Middle School Group A
Preschool Group A
Cycle 1 Group B
High School Group A
Preschool Group B
Cycle 2 Group B
Middle School Group B
High School Group B

8:00 – 1:00

EB1 Group A
EB2 Group A
EB5 Group A
EB6 Group A
EB1 Group B
EB2 Group B
EB3 Group A
EB4 Group A
EB3 Group B
EB4 Group B
EB5 Group B
EB6 Group B

In this way, 1/3 of the total number of students will attend school on each of the orientation days.

Week 1 – September 6 – 10
Group AIn SchoolIn SchoolIn SchoolIn SchoolIn School
Group BRemotelyRemotelyRemotelyRemotelyRemotely
Week 2 – September 13 – 17
Group ARemotelyRemotelyRemotelyRemotelyRemotely
Group BIn SchoolIn SchoolIn SchoolIn SchoolIn School

3. Does this mean children of the same family will go to school on different days?

The schoolwill try as much as possible to group children of the same family together.

4. Will Blended Learning change the school’s approach to teaching and learning?

Blended Learning will not change how teachers guide students through their learning. It will not change the culture and community the students and staff have built. The Blended Learning model fits well with the school’s goals and philosophy of meeting individual needs and fostering individual accountability for learning.

5. Will Blended Learning affect the curriculum?

LSQ has been successful in the most difficult times during school closure and this success will continue with Blended Learning. We will try our best to cover all the learning objectives planned for this academic year but we will also stay tuned and sensitive to the needs of our stakeholders and adapt our practices/instructions accordingly.

We are also in contact with the Ministry of Education in Lebanon in case of any changes to the curriculum especially that of the Brevet and Grade 12 classes.

6. What should I do if my child has fallen behind due to Remote Learning last year?

It is important to mention that the yearly plans of the 2019-2020 were covered last year.
However, we do understand that some students might not have fully mastered the objectives during the Remote Learning period. As for that, our academic teams are making plans for catch up lessons to help bring students back up to speed. This might include starting the year with revision weeks of material covered during the period of remote learning or supplemental home assignments.

You are encouraged to communicate with your child’s teacher in order to stay informed of your child’s progress. Please don’t hesitate to contact the HOS for support when needed.

7. What steps has the school taken to help prevent the entry and spread of the COVID-19?

In addition to reducing the class size, the following measures will be taken:

  • Temperature checkup machines will be installed at all entrances. Teachers, parents, or students with a temperature higher than 37.8 will not be allowed on campus.
  • Regular hand washing with water and soap and hand sanitizer will be enforced.
  • Teachers will teach and model creating space and avoiding unnecessary touching.
  • Daily disinfection and cleaning of surfaces and common materials will take place.
  • Social distancing in classes and on the playground will be promoted as much as possible.
  • LSQ will – as much as possible – restrict visitors and parents from entering LSQ premises. Instead of face to face meetings, online meetings with parents will be arranged. Visitors will only be allowed in case of an emergency.
  • Assemblies and other events that create crowded conditions will be cancelled.

8. How will the school support the mental health of students and combat any stigma against people who have been sick?

Our counselors are prepared to address a wide range of mental health needs of students and staff.
We will provide mental health support to any student struggling with stress due to the Covid-19 pandemic and recognize students who show signs of anxiety or distress.

9. Will the school and the bus fees be affected?

School and bus fees will remain the same. All fees will be paid online. You can contact the school accounts on accounts@lsq.sch.qa for more information about the procedures of the online payments.

10. Will the school buses operate as normal?

Bus service will resume with a 50% capacity as per the requirements of the ministry. Buses will be disinfected and cleaned on a daily basis. Social distancing and temperature checkup will be monitored on the buses as well.

A detailed separate letter will be sent very soon regarding the buses.

11. What should I do if I suspect that my child has coronavirus (COVID-19)?

If you suspect that your child has COVID-19, refrain from sending him to school, contact the Ministry of Health on the hotline 16000, and share the result with the school.

12. What if any student shows any of the COVID-19 symptoms during the day?

The student will be isolated right away in an isolation room prepared for such a situation. Parents will be contacted to pick their child up. The student will only be allowed back on campus with a medical report that allows him/her to join school.

13. What is the plan of the school in case any student or staff tested positive during the course of the school year?

The school will follow the directions of the government. This might entitle us to close for 14 days. In this case, all students will move to Remote Learning. Our classes are prepared to shift to Remote Learning anytime during the year. We already prepared virtual classes on TEAMS for all our classes.

Students will get the orientation needed on this in the first two weeks of school.

14. How can I as a parent support school safety efforts

  • Keep your child at home when sick.
  • Educate your child about social distancing and regularly washing his/her hands with soap and water.
  • Prevent stigma by using facts and reminding your children to be considerate of one another.
  • Be transparent with the school. Inform the school nurse and the Head of Section if your child has any of the symptoms or if he/she tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Seek information from the school. Avoid joining conversations on social media that spread rumors about LSQ children or staff.

15. Whom do I contact if I need further information?

TopicDepartmentPositionLSQ StaffEmail
AcademicEnglish PreschoolHead of Sectionenglishpreschool@lsq.sch.qa
French PreschoolHead of SectionNawal El Msannenawal@lsq.sch.qa
English PrimaryHead of SectionHiba Hijazihiba@lsq.sch.qa
French PrimaryHead of SectionCarine Harbcarine@lsq.sch.qa
Middle and SecondaryHead of SectionNancy Haddadnancy@lsq.sch.qa
EmotionalPreschoolCounselorManal Rahmemanal.rahme@lsq.sch.qa
English Primary
Grades 1-4
CounselorSaly Hammoudsaly.hammoud@lsq.sch.qa
English Primary
Grades 5-6
CounselorJoy Bassiljoy.bassil@lsq.sch.qa
French PrimaryCounselorCeline Arslanianceline.arslanian@lsq.sch.qa
Middle and SecondaryCounselorJoy Bassiljoy.bassil@lsq.sch.qa
HealthPreschoolSchool NurseClemence Gedeonclemence.gedeon@lsq.sch.qa
French PrimarySchool NurseDayane Sejaanedayane@lsq.sch.qa
English Primary and M&SSchool NurseKristofer Ignaciokristofer.ignacio@lsq.sch.qa
School NurseBramia Khourybramia.khoury@lsq.sch.qa