Why Lebanese School?

The Lebanese School is a community school that holds the Lebanese heritage at its core. Its members work collaboratively and are committed to provide high-quality education that benefits the students both locally and internationally.

The school values its employees, especially due to the important roles they play in ensuring students’ growth and success.

When an employee joins The Lebanese School, he/she becomes part of a family!


Working at The Lebanese School

LSQ believes that its main asset is its employees. Therefore, helping them achieve their goals throughout their career paths is its priority. For this purpose, it provides them with the needed resources and tools to facilitate their job and help them overcome day-to-day challenges.

The Lebanese School offers its employees not only tangible rewards, but also the chance to grow both on a professional and personal levels.

By joining The Lebanese School, the employee will:

  • work in family-like workplace founded on respect, common goals, and communication
  • be challenged to improve their skills and employ their expertise in a safe environment
  • be engaged in continuous professional development
  • be offered opportunities to collaborate and synergize with others
  • be encouraged to take leadership roles
  • be trained to think critically, reflect on practices, develop a win-win mindset, and engage in research and exploratory activities


Submitting an online application, the following occurs:

  • The application will be carefully assessed in terms of education and experience and in accordance with the position’s specific requirements.
  • In case of job openings, the application will be processed, and the applicant will be contacted for an interview.
  • If there are no vacancies, the application will be saved for future consideration.

Applications that do not match the specifications of the job position will be saved until the appropriate position becomes available.